How to Undertake Right to Work Checks

UK law requires employers to check that any new member of staff has the right to work in the UK. There are stiff penalties for employers who do not comply. There is a simple three step approach you can take. Step 1 – ‘Obtain’: obtaining original versions of one of the more acceptable immigration documents…. read more

How to Manage Social Media Use at Work

Tips and Guides for Managers Social media helps people keep in touch and enables them to interact. It allows companies, groups and individuals to share information, ideas and views. In a business environment social media can affect communications among managers, employees and job applicants; how organisations promote and control their reputation; and how colleagues treat… read more

How to Manage Bank Holidays

Statutory and Contractual Holiday Rights Workers have a statutory right to at least 28 days’ paid holiday each year under the Working Time Regulations 1998 (WTR), with an equivalent pro-rated entitlement for part-time workers. Employers may count paid bank holidays as part of this entitlement. Some workers may have more favourable contractual rights to holiday… read more

How to Get the Most Out of Performance Reviews

Tips and Guides for Managers Conducting performance reviews can be time consuming and are often avoided by managers as they don’t want to have those difficult conversations. They are however a great opportunity for a two way conversation. Apart from sharing an interest in your staff member, they can boost morale, help with resource planning,… read more

How to Deal With a Flexible Working Request

Employees who have at least 26 weeks’ continuous service have the right to submit requests to their employers for flexible working. Employers may, if they wish, extend the right to request flexible working to all employees. Eligible employees may request changes to the number of hours they work, the time of day or days of… read more

How to Respond When Staff Can’t Get To Work Due to Bad Weather

Whenever bad weather strikes and some employees are unable to get to work, employers will need to allow for some flexibility but the bottom line is that it is an employee’s duty to attend work. As an employer it is a balance between minimising disruption to the efficient running of your business with the health… read more

How to follow the ACAS Guidelines in a disciplinary process.

In unfair dismissal claims, employment tribunals take the ACAS code of practice on disciplinary and grievance procedures into account where relevant and may increase an award of compensation by up to 25% for an employer’s unreasonable failure to follow it. But where do employers commonly go wrong? Not warning the employee of the possible consequences… read more

How to deal with a departing employee with a grudge.

Employees who are leaving under a cloud can cause problems to an employer, however there are a number of steps an employer can take in order to prevent or mitigate any potential damage that a rogue employee may cause: Remind the employee of their contractual obligations Before an employee departs, remind the employee of their… read more