What if you could slash the time you spend each day on HR issues?

What if you could schedule and record all of your HR processes, all through one easy-to-use system?

Enter Breathe HR

Breathe HR is an innovative software solution that streamlines and simplifies your HR resources and tasks. It was designed from the ground up to help SMEs — by allowing them to automate many of their HR processes.

Breathe HR gives you one, user-friendly system to record HR-related information, schedule staff-related actions and manage HR processes. These include:

  • payroll
  • expenses
  • benefits
  • recruitment
  • on-boarding
  • training
  • absences
  • workload
  • holiday management
  • performance
  • employee data

Everything you need, instantly, anywhere.

Breathe HR means there’s no more hunting around in spreadsheets, emails or paper documents for vital staff information. Everything you could need to manage your team, from contact numbers to holiday dates, is securely stored in one logical system. And because Breather HR is cloud-based, you can access this from anywhere that has an internet collection.

Breathe HR and Crafnant HR

Crafnant HR are official partners to Breathe HR. We’ve seen how this amazing software frees up time and energy for SMEs. Now we’re helping our clients unlock its power.

Once you work with Breathe, you’ll wonder how you managed without it.

If you’re ready to enjoy some extra breathing space, get in touch today.